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No, not the bad kind.  The cleansing-clearing-out-the-confusion kind.  As practiced by Merlin Mann and as appreciated by me.  In this case.

I hope you have a handful of people (even one will do) who you talk to or read or watch who offer you clarity.  Or who make your brain explode.

Merlin Mann is one of those people for me.

In a two-minute-online video world his videos are 2o minutes.  Same with his dissertation-like posts.  But you get the feeling he’s thought about what he’s telling you in those 20 minutes for, oh, a month, solid.  Beefy stuff.

The magic of input like this for me is when it boils things down to their essence.

I laughed out loud reading his gargantuan reply to a  student’s email inquiry asking whether a talk he gave at Rutgers University was available via podcast.  Not at the content, I read and appreciated that.  I laughed picturing this kid getting a 2,000 word reply to an email 99.9% of the human race would have: not replied to (I’m too busy and too important); said no, sorry, it’s not available; or replied with a link to the podcast.

I’m not writing this to amplify Mann’s insights.  I’m writing because he inspires me to get past the huge amount of noise that clutters our lives and dig for the meaning and understanding.  Except to say this is probably the main point of his work.

And this is fundamental to creating results with any type of changes you attempt to make with your marketing.   Phew. . .that was a lot.