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What if you could answer any marketing question quickly, inexpensively, and accurately? 
This would be, well, it would be amazing if you could, right? Actually, you can. It’s called SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which isn’t all that amazing, especially since you’ve probably already tried at least part of it. But without results, which really isn’t amazing at all.
So why so amazing? Because, done properly, it does work. And it works quickly, inexpensively, and accurately.
You’ve “sort of” tried it before and it didn’t work because you know it as Google AdWords. It didn’t work because you only used part of it, the Google AdWords part. Which is only half the equation.
The other part, the part that makes it true Search Engine Marketing, is what you do after you get people to your site with Google AdWords. The second part is called Conversion Optimization. That’s what you didn’t do and that’s why it didn’t work.
What questions do you want answered right now about your marketing? What are your What ifs? 
What if:
  1. You raised your price?
  2. Lowered your price?
  3. Introduced new messaging or even a new product?
  4. Started selling to a new type of customer?

In my experience, and that includes working with SEM since before Google existed, it is the rare question you cannot answer. And the answers come quickly, inexpensively, and they’re accurate.

Get answers quickly:
Build out an AdWords campaign, create a landing page that supports your ads (about 2-3 days), bring 200 people into the page and watch what they do (about a week). Then measure, refine, and repeat (the part you left out). Within just a  week or two you’ll have your answer.

Get answers inexpensively:
You’ll pay Google each time someone clicks through to your site. You’ll pay us a fee to create the campaigns, landing page, and work on optimizing your conversions. It’s never been cheaper or faster to answer your toughest marketing questions than it is today.

Get accurate answers:
It’s accurate because you’re getting actual customer responses. You present your value proposition and measure the actual response — they either took action or they didn’t. It’s real, measurable response from potential customers, not just opinions. SEM is the most transparent form of marketing today.

That healthy skepticism you still have? Hang onto it. But there’s no harm in taking a look, right? You can learn more here about how we approach this strategy. You can learn more here about the type of owners we work with. You can learn more here about who I am. I’d also be happy to talk about what your What ifs and how we might answer them for you: 480-948-0029.