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Hey, wanna hear something really scary; something that will make your 2020 different?

Imagine you’re starting a brand new company in your current space. You’re building from the ground up. Describe it. How would it be different than what you are now?

Take some time. Take as long as you like.

Do you want to be bigger or smaller, sell to the same customers or different ones? What is your customer service like? What do I feel when I walk into your office or land on your home page?

Now THAT, my dear reader, is scary and a REALLY FRESH start on the next decade. It’s a thought experiment, thankfully, but it ought to change your answer, even just a little, to how you’ll make the next decade better. Start there in 2020. Maybe even start there tomorrow.

Good luck tomorrow, and in the new year! We need your best, boldest, most inspired work.