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I asked this question on LinkedIn: If you were Director of Marketing for the NEW GM, what would you do?  If you are part of LinkedIn check out the answers, there’s some good ones.  Here’s what I’d do:

1.  I would beg forgiveness from the American public for ignoring your customers and driving your company into the ground.  For the second time in the past 30 years.

2.  Clean house.  You folks had your chances.

3.  Go totally transparent.  Stream everything.  If we’ll watch people scurrying around trying not to be fired by Donald Trump or people on some stupid island, we’ll watch a company trying to regain its footing.  This is your moment, don’t hide!

4.  Ask us.  We’ll tell you what we want.  And by the way, it’s NOT a Hybrid Escalade or Tahoe.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  And then to tout this as a great example of your commitment to re-invent GM?  Pathetic.  Those people need to lose their jobs before the first factory worker loses theirs.

5.  Create a “moon shot” program to introduce a car–one car–in 18 months.  Fifty MPG hybrid or all electric, for twenty grand.  Act like your survival depends on it.  I’d write GM a $5K deposit check today for that car, sight unseen.  And no, I don’t want a $40K Volt.