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Marketing is, at its core, a numbers game, and we all would do well to remind ourselves of this from time to time.

Let’s take a quick look at your website.  Can you be profitable converting 2% of your traffic into leads, given your current closing rate and gross profit?

How much website traffic do you have each month?  Not sure?  Put Google’s free Analytics on your site.  What’s your conversion rate (percent of visitors who turn into leads)?  Not sure?  Use the goals tool in Analytics to track the number of form completions.  You also receive leads in the form of phone calls and emails, right?  Demand your people ask inquiries how they heard about you.  Yes, demand.  You expect EVERY payment you receive to be deposited in the bank, not just most of them, right?  You should demand the same when it comes to tracking every lead.

You probably already know what your closing ratio and gross profit are.

So, first, know your numbers.

Tomorrow: What your numbers tell you about what you need to do.