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It was during a timeout late in the basketball game.  Coach grabbed me by the jersey and yelled above the crowd, “And you, Wallace, dammit, KEEP SHOOTING!”  After I had missed my last few jump shoots (after what seemed like a million misses!).

What the coach meant was don’t be afraid to miss, especially after a miss or two.  Or three.    The only way you can fail is by not taking the shot.  By quitting.  If you keep shooting you’ll start hitting again.  So.  Keep.  Shooting.

Good advice.  To continue with the basketball metaphor, yes, pay attention to your form, work hard to get open, practice, but DON’T be afraid to miss.

I don’t remember the outcome of that game, but that advice has served me well today as it did then.

What about you?  What are you afraid to do because you might “miss?”  Sure, pay attention, work hard.  But keep shooting.