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I read an article in WIRED Magazine titled “Mind Reading”  about a new market research technique.  There is ALWAYS a new market research technique or, said another way, a new way to look outward.

Which makes me wonder why more focus isn’t given to the opposite of always chasing the next new market research technique?

I don’t mean to dismiss this one or the value of understanding the people you hope to engage.  It’s important and something I support.

At the strategy level, there are two paths to any destination:

Looking outward (doing research into what your target market wants and fine-tuning your message around what you find).

Looking inward (rediscovering your story and telling it).

The point of this post: look inward too!!  Story is an underutilized (and hugely powerful) tool.

Proctor & Gamble famously doesn’t change a font style on a package without extensive market research.

Apple famously does zero market research.

Neither company is wrong.  Anything however, taken to the extreme, can have drawbacks.  Better to have a balance of looking outward and looking inward.