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Here I sit, it’s Monday, October 12, 2020, seven or so months after covid changed my daily routine. What to do with all this extra time each day?? I probably could have written five books, remodeled the kitchen, or done any of hundreds of activities that would have made me feel great. But I didn’t.

How about you? How’s that kitchen remodel coming? Don’t feel bad. You won’t snap out of it by someone like me telling you you should SNAP OUT OF IT! I’m forgiving myself for all the slothfulness, fear, anxiety, and whatever else that held me back. And I’m doing two things: writing every day; and hiking three times a week. I’m writing because writing was that something I imagined filling my extra time with. I’m hiking because I’ve learned physical activity empowers every part of my life. How about you?


(The picture is of a hundred-year-old Cottonwood tree from our hike yesterday.)