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I heard this again this morning.  This owner had tried Google Adwords — had someone helping her — and she “spent a fortune and didn’t get a single phone call.”

I’m a marketing consultant.  Owners bring me in when things aren’t working.  So I hear “Oh, we tried __________ and it doesn’t work.”  A lot.

Here’s the problem: the word “doesn’t.” Just because it DIDN’T work, don’t think it DOESN’T work. It means HOW you tried it didn’t work.

With the Adwords example there are about two dozen reasons why it may not have worked, including bad or the lack of a landing page, too  few ad groups, how often they changed the ads/adjusted the bids/long-tail terms vs. high volume terms.  Etc., etc., etc.

You don’t approach other parts of your business this way, why your marketing?  “That’s the last time I’ll hire someone from Iowa!”  “Well, that software doesn’t work, send it back.”

Absurd, right?  Right!

Remember, not everything about a failed marketing effort didn’t work.  What worked?  What didn’t work?  Same two questions about marketing efforts that do work.  Because everything about a campaign that does work didn’t work.