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//  There is the “How” of your marketing and the “Why” of your marketing. When sales slow down too many of us only look at the How and not enough also look at the Why.The How: how you deliver your message (ads, brochures, your website, etc.)

The Why: your message (the whys or reasons you give people for buying from you)

From a distance the logic is painfully simple. Spending more to send the wrong message doesn’t make sense. Why, then, do we do it? Because we don’t think our message could be wrong. Right?

I mean, after all, quality and customer service are how we built this business!! It’s who we are!!! How wrong can that be!!!!

Okay, settle down. I’m not saying change who you are. I’m saying quality and customer service may not be resonating with customers today like they used to. You need to find out what is important about who you are with customers NOW and start leading with that message. Or, change to better fit what is important to customers right now. Then lead with that.

Obviously, when economic conditions change buying motivations change. Are times tough for your customers? Price, selling in smaller quantities, longer terms, etc., might become more important. Are times great for your customers? Quick shipment, availability, quality and service might become more important.

Just because you pride yourself on quality and service doesn’t mean you aren’t more than just those two things. Give your customers what they need RIGHT NOW. Make sure your message reflects where your customers are TODAY.