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It’s easier for people to say no than to say yes to whatever you’re asking them to do on your website. Because “no” keeps them where they are with what they know (easy, familiar). Yes means having to do something new (hard).

Take you and me, right now, for example. You’re reading this because you have an issue with growing your business that you feel/hope a marketing consultant can fix. And even though you’re investing time and energy to find that person and you want to find that person, it’s more comfortable for you to say no to me and continue looking. Because your current situation — your issue — is more familiar and more comfortable than the alternative.

I know, this sounds crazy, but it also rings true, doesn’t it? And by the way, the people on your website right now feel the same way.

The challenge, then:

To make saying yes easy enough they choose it.

And while I can’t answer this specifically for you, there are some underlying ‘physics’ to how you do that-

Let people know you understand their problem. This is where you start. State the problem that brings most people to your site. Describe it. Give detail. Spend some time. Don’t just give it one sentence and jump into what you do and the benefits of selecting you. Do you wish your account software was easier to use and gave you more information? Let me tell you about our software…Most companies do this and most companies are wrong.

Describe how working with you solves their problem. Relate it to THEM. Write for one person, one situation.

Give people evidence for how working with you solves their problem. Describe the how, not just the benefits.

Make it as painless as possible to reach out to you. Email, phone, form, download, webinar, etc.

Remember, people want to say no. Help them say yes.