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A long time ago there was a farmer who was struggling with his garden.  He tried everything he could think of without success.  Determined, he sought out the advice of a wizard.

He explained his situation.  After reflection the wizard gave the farmer a pouch with this instruction: sprinkle a little of this magic dust on your garden. . .every day.

The farmer did and a few months later he had the finest garden in the land.  One morning he realized he was out of magic dust, so back to the wizard for more.

The wizard invited the farmer for tea to hear about his experience.  The farmer professed with much joy how he noticed how his tomatoes needed more water, and, with more water, how they thrived.  And how proud he was of his potatoes that responded to the shade structure he built after he saw them having trouble with the afternoon heat.

The wizard told the farmer he didn’t need any more magic dust.  By sprinkling it every morning he learned what he needed to create the finest garden in the land.

Just keep going out to your “garden” every day and noticing what it needs.

There’s magic to that.