I have a handful of ways you can engage with me that don’t cost money…and are NOT backdoor ways to get you to spend money.

Download my ebook for free. I summarize the important things I’ve learned as a marketing consultant. I titled the book, “The Tao of Small Business Marketing” because, as I say on the first page:

  • There are those things you think. There are those things you believe.
  • And THEN, there are the things you KNOW
  • After 30 years working with small businesses to improve their marketing, these are the things I KNOW.

Hang out on my discussion board. It takes about 15 seconds to join and start reading or asking.

Join me on Tuesday mornings at 10 am MST for open office hours. I simply open up a GotoWebinar link and am available if you want to ask a question.

Sign up for the next webinar. I have a webinar every three to four weeks. It’s a working/teaching webinar. I don’t talk for the majority of time and then open it up for questions. I’d rather engage with you.