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The problem with problems is the solution rarely fits neatly into your world view.  It’s always more than that.  Messier than that.  It leaks out past your perception of acceptable or even possible solutions.  Accountant-think is rarely the best path to a solution for an account receivable problem.  Ditto for exclusively applying marketing-think to marketing problems.

Today’s politics are a great example.  It’s easy to see the gridlock caused by the refusal by both sides to entertain solutions that fall outside their world view.  THOSE clowns should be fired, right?

But forget about them.  What about you and me?  What gridlock are we causing in our own world, the world we can control, that WE can break with just a bit wider perspective of what the solution might look like?

We won’t know until we share the problem with someone else to get their perspective.  And it doesn’t matter who it is.  Just.  Start.  Sharing.