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If you’re in business for yourself one of the things motivating you is the desire to . . .however you would describe it . . .crush it, hit it out of the park, strike gold.  Otherwise hit upon something that makes you more money than you imagined and even a little famous.

It seems to me there are two paths to the next Big Idea for you:

  1. Wait for that flash-of-insight lightening bolt idea that comes to you, the one person who is uniquely qualified to bring it to the world.  And you do!
  2. You chip away with small improvements to what you do, always refining what you sell around the direction your customers are headed.  Until one day you look around, shake your head and think “Well, I suppose I ‘made it.'”

I’ve been part of both as a marketing consultant.  My strong advice for increasing the odds of either happening: spend your time on #2 while waiting for #1 to happen.