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Two things are worth note as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches:

  1. A very cool viral marketing campaign by Lands’ End.
  2. And tips to lower your carbon footprint on Thursday.

Land’s End has a program that connects that old winter coat you don’t use anymore with a person who could really use it this winter.  And you don’t have to go very far to help someone, they’re focusing on the homeless in Boston.

They make it easy to do and pull off some nice digital magic with the video (the one you’ll watch was sent to Sharon Wallace, you can personalize videos for others).

You can even track your coat!

Check it out and see if you don’t want to tell your friends about it.  Which is the point of a good viral marketing campaign.

Fast Company has a clever article about how to make more ecologically responsible food choices this Thanksgiving.  My selfless act for the planet this Thursday: opting for a second piece of pecan pie instead of more cranberries.  I urge you to join in my sacrifice in your own way this Thanksgiving.

Take a moment this Thanksgiving to reflect on those people who have helped you, as someone most certainly will do if you find a new home for a coat this year.