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I hear a lot of frustrations associated with websites. The bottom line though is your website should generate leads and those leads should be turning into customers.

You don’t just want more traffic. You don’t just want longer visitor sessions or more pages per visit. You don’t just want a more professional looking website.

You. Want. More. Customers.

If your website isn’t attracting customers it needs to be fixed.

Why Your Website is Still Under-Performing

If you have a website you’re in the direct marketing business. You may think you’re in the accounting or software or construction business, but when people are on your website, you’re in the direct marketing business. Because that’s what happens on a website; you ask people to take some type of action (call, email, download, purchase). Your professional looking site is under-performing because people aren’t taking the action you want them to take.  That’s a marketing issue, not an accounting or software or construction issue.  Your professional looking site needs the input of a direct marketer. Like me.

Consider these:
  • What one or two things do you want people to do? Are these visually prominent on your home or landing page? At a glance?
  • What information do people need to take the actions you want them to take? Is the information also available in video for visual and auditory people?
  • How many pages do people have to visit to get this information?

Only 50% of your visitors make it past your home page. Only 50% of those make it past your second page. This means only one in four people who visit your site make it to a third page.  If you need three or more pages to tell your whole story you’re only talking to a fraction of the people coming to your site.  Think about that.

You have under 3 pages and less than 3 minutes to create comfort with and communicate your message to the average website visitor.  Check your Analytics.

My Website Simplification is the Answer

My recommendations will be largely content, therefore easy to implement. I’ll want to spend time with your Google Analytics.  Not a report, the actual tool.  I’ll also want to spend time with your session recording tool, if you use a session recording tool.  If you don’t, you should. Try I’ll want to spend time with you, understanding (and in some cases refining) what actions you want people take and  what information they need to take those actions.

Then I spend time on your site.

The recommendations I make tend to be far more about content than design; consolidating and simplifying.  As a result, the changes I recommend tend not to be costly.  Again, good news if you just had your website redesigned.

I meet with you via net meeting and talk you through my recommendations.

I bring 30+ years of direct marketing experience to your website, including and 10+ years working to attract the right people to my clients’ websites and converting them into either leads or sales.

You’ll pay me $1,750 to perform what I describe above.

That’s solid, that doesn’t change.  However, because I don’t know what condition your site is in, I can’t tell you as I write this what it might cost you to make the changes I recommend.  In most cases the changes are simple and clients can do them in-house.

If you’d like to talk more about what’s happening (or not happening) with your site, email me and let’s set up a time to talk by phone. Or if it’s during regular business hours (Mountain Time) give me a call and if I’m available I’d be happy to talk to you: 480-948-0029.