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A better question to ask: What should we do FOR our best customers?

Think about the companies for which you are a great customer.  Been with them a long time, always pay on time, don’t require much hand-holding.  The sad thing is, for most of us, we’re forgotten.  Sad thing, that is, for the companies that forget us.

I think about Honda, Sprint, Cadillac, Wells Fargo and USAA for us.  I’ve been with Sprint since their very first digital cell phone.  We give Sprint about $4,000 each year (and have for probably 10+ years).  When I go into a Sprint store you can see their employees’ faces physically change when they find out I’m an existing customer.  Their best deals, just like all cellular companies, are reserved for “New subscribers only.”

But Hamilton, you say, picking on cell phone companies is way too easy. . .and you are absolutely right.

I get oil change reminders from Honda.  How about a sneak peak at the new Fit or a private test drive of the hybrid Civic?   And nothing from Cadillac.  Nothing when it was two years old, nothing when we paid it off, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Picking on all of them is way too easy because honestly, people, I’m not talking about wild, complex marketing issues here, right?  Paying attention to your customers.  Building some community.  Reinforcing the relationship.

The worst thing you to can TO your best customers?  Nothing.  Do something FOR your best customers; and do it regularly.