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Generally speaking, whether it’s turning a website visitor into a lead or a sale, you need to be able to be profitable on small conversion rates (the percentage of website visitors you convert into leads).

A decent conversion rate of website visitors into leads, for example, is two percent.  As I urged in my last post, knowing your numbers, including what your conversion rate is, is critical.

Going with the 2% conversion rate example, if your monthly site traffic is small, say, 200 visitors, you shouldn’t do anything else before you boost traffic.  Two percent of 200 is 4 leads.  If you closing rate is 25%, that’s one sale per month.  Not much of a business there unless you live with your parents. . .or each sale is huge.

If your traffic is 2,000 instead and website sales aren’t acceptable, the problem lies elsewhere.  Yes, this is basic stuff, but knowing your numbers will point you in the right direction to find the problem.  Think about it.  The knee-jerk reaction to “not enough website sales” is often creating more traffic.  If you have a decent conversion rate and closing rate, that’s true.  But if you basically have no conversion (read: your website sucks!), bringing more people into it isn’t the answer.

Know your numbers and they will tell you what you need to know.


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