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I have an opinion, which I’m about to share, not surprisingly.  But I wonder, what’s yours?

My perspective-

I work with clients on all sides of “this economy.”  Some are having their best years ever.  Some have come through it a bit smaller, but are feeling like things are normal again.  Others have had the fight of their lives.

My opinion-

The biggest challenge small business owners face today is adjusting to and finding their “voice” in, the new normal.   This has not been a down cycle which will be followed by an up cycle that’s headed for the way things used to be.  We are moving into a fundamentally different marketplace or “system” in which products and services are bought for changing reasons and in different ways.

I’m not sure what those are or will be, but I’m starting to understand what we need to do to discover them and get in synch with them.  Two great resources that have shaped my perspective and direction:

The book, The Great Reset

Dave Snowden and his work on The Complexity Theory

Snowden explaining complexity theory in the context of a children’s party.

Complexity theory explained more traditionally.

His company’s website.

Okay, so what’s your opinion. . .what’s the biggest marketing challenge small business owners face today?  Leave a comment: