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Before we talk about how we might work together let’s talk about whether we should work together at all.

My job is to increase sales faster than you could without me. Period. Often times this means telling you what you already know in a way that allows you to “see” it with different eyes AND move forward. Finally. If you’re hoping for an exotic fix with a cool-sounding name for the process, sorry, no one-size-fits-all solutions here.

I want to work with passionate owners. People who care deeply about what they do. People with a powerful ‘why’. My why.

I help you see with new eyes AND I help you implement. Alone, it’s too easy to get distracted. Plus, you don’t have the luxury of only thinking about marketing like I do. We’ll accomplish more, faster, together than you could alone, or we stop working together.

It’s a healthy relationship I’m not afraid of. Most clients hire me to be their Virtual Director of Marketing; six months at $1,500/mo. We assess, build a plan, and start implementing as soon as possible. Or start with a few hours; a “toe in the water”. That’s it, really. We’ll figure out something that works for both of us.

Have you been shaking your head yes? Read on. No? Keep looking, there are LOTS of people out there.

I take small, measured steps. I test, refine, measure and repeat. I try to do that as early in the project as is reasonably possible. This approach is far less sexy than going for “one fell swoop” grand solutions (Let’s make a splash.). With the tools available to us today we can test our way to the answer. No fell swoops required. No fell swoops here. Most of that is simply designed to sell you, NOT sell more of what you sell.

I’d Love to Learn More About You

If something on this page strikes a chord with you I’d love to learn more about what you’re up against. You can call 480-948-0029 during regular business hours, MST, email me or complete the form.