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I was struck by that statement. As in stop-you-in-your-tracks struck. What’s weird is I’m not completely certain where I heard it; probably one of the podcasts I listen to. Anyway, what’s important is the idea it connected me to:

Just start. Whatever it is you want to do, change, fix, whatever. Just start. Because you never know when real change begins.

Think about it. Look back on the big changes you made or goals you achieved. If you REALLY think about it many of those started with a small, unremarkable step-

I’ve got 10 minutes before lunch, I’ll Google “Paleo Diet”. Two months later, after you buy a book or watch a webinar or talk to a friend who eats Paleo, you start. One year later you’re at 22% body fat and it all started with that extra 10 minutes before lunch.

Do you have an extra minute before you leave — can you talk to me about how you started your business? You think back really hard, but you realize that’s when starting your own business began.

REAL change sneaks up on us. REAL change is the change that you don’t feel until you stop and “look back” six months ago at who you were then and who you are now. And it hits you: wow, things have changed!

So, just start. Take that first step. Do it now. Because it just could be the first step of an important journey. Because you never know when real change begins.